The Digis Group unites several companies that specialize in distribution of the equipment of wide specter, audio and video integration, project work and realization of different engineering competencies. We are working with all market spheres: from educational technologies and complex AV solutions to Hi-Fi and High-End grade equipment.

The base of DIGIS Group consists of the following companies:

  • DS Impex – leading Russian distributor of professional AV equipment, equipment for home theaters, presentation equipment, and interactive solutions for education.
  • Alef Hi-Fi - one of the oldest Russian distributor of Hi-Fi & High End components and equipment for home use.
  • DS Project, a separate structure in the Digis Group, is directly in charge of project distribution, system AV integration and engineering competencies.
  • DIGIS Training Center – proprietary training center that helps company’s and partners’ employees to properly use the most cutting-edge equipment and to create comprehensive systems based on this equipment.
  • DIGIS Service Center – maintenance, warranty, and post-warranty repairs of offered equipment.

Core competencies


Distribution for us isn’t just sales of the ready ‘out-of-the-box’ products, but a seamless and logically organized supply system and implementation of the high margin equipment and up to date technical solutions with control of result on each stage of works.

We offer advanced products from leading world manufacturers (in most cases on exclusive basis):

  • Home theater projectors: BenQ, Hisense, JVC, Sony.
  • Projectors for business and education: BenQ, Christie, Vivitek, Exell.
  • Projection screens: Digis™, Kauber, Stewart.
  • Professional panels and videowalls: LG, Philips, Samsung, Vestel.
  • Commercial and hospitality TVs: LG, Philips, Samsung, Emerald.
  • Professional LED displays: Absen, AET, LPDisplay, QSTECH, Unilumin.
  • Interactive solutions: Digis™, SMART Technologies, NewLine, Vivitek, Riotouch, Exell.
  • Collaborative solutions: Kramer, Vivitek.
  • Hi-Fi & High-End loudspeakers and equipment for home theaters and home entertainment systems: Atlas cables, Audiocontrol, Cambridge Audio, DALI, DeFunc, Digis Audio, JBL Synthesis, Leak, Moon by Sim Audio, M&K Sound, Naim Audio, Quad, Ruark, Tannoy, Tivoli, Transrotor, Trinnov, Van den Hul, Wharfedale.
  • Mounting equipment and stands: Chief, Digis™, Peerless-AV, Exell, Polyglide.
  • Video controllers: Christie Pandoras Box, Jupiter, RGB-Link.
  • Microphones and wireless systems: LD Systems, Shure.
  • Professional audio equipment: Adam Hall, Bluesound Professional, d&b audiotechnik, Exell, Gravity, LD Systems, Palmer, Sonance, YME Systems.
  • Conference equipment: Shure, Televic.
  • PTZ-cameras: Avonic, Digis™.
  • Control systems: EAE Technology (KNX/EIB), Lutron, SAVANT.
  • Digital Signage solutions: Philips, Spinetix, Vivitek.
  • Switching and cables: Digis™, Kramer, Lightware, Wyrestorm.
  • Video production hardware: Epiphan.
  • Educational robots: Botzees, Makeblock, Matatalab, CLICK.
  • Creative educational solutions: Edu-Consulting, SEBICO, UNICA, Media class by DIGIS, Cartoon studio by DIGIS.
  • VR systems: NettleDesk, Virtuix, zSpace.

We are working with top-requested brands and rock-solid suppliers and thus we can offer our partners effective and modern solutions based on up to date technologies. Our distribution channels are federal retail chain stores, installation and integration companies, educational, ProAV and IT resellers, Hi-Fi shops and online shops. More than 2,600 partners all over the Russia overall.

DS Project, a separate structure in the Digis Group, is directly in charge of project distribution, system AV integration and engineering competencies. Based on many years of experience, we help our partners to develop and implement large multimedia projects, acting, as necessary, as an expert consultant, subcontractor and/or equipment supplier.

As a result, we do not create competition for our partners and do not directly interact with customers, but we provide the most effective interaction where it is needed. The scope of our competencies extends to all relevant subsystems, which allows DS Project’s specialists to develop solutions for customers from various sectors of economy and public sector. We are constantly developing all areas of our work and we are recognized experts in our field: only over the past few years, the projects completed with our participation have been awarded numerous Russian and international awards.

Our portfolio includes dozens of successfully completed projects. Among them: museums, theaters and concert halls, situational centers, control and monitoring rooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms, home cinemas, Digital Signage systems in shopping malls and shops, interactive complexes in schools, universities and corporate training centers; public sector facilities of medical purpose, multimedia attractions and amusement parks.

Our own Training Center allows us to train customer’s representatives to work with installed complexes. Finally, in addition to solving all possible tasks for the implementation of projects (from design to commissioning), we provide after-sales services and system post-project maintenance in the frames of service contracts. Mutual business of the Digis Group is based on the flexible forms of cooperation: from supply of equipment to turn-key solutions, from consulting to project distribution. Our main principle is to help the development of our partners’ business.

High margin equipment, flexible mutually profitable agreement and support of our partner in all ways – these are the keys to success of the Digis Group.

DIGIS Training Center
DIGIS Training Center

The DIGIS Training Center is a system for information exchange with partners and consumers of the group's products, which is designed for the effective implementation of the applicable solutions, as well as the development and improvement of partners' business.

The training program consists of theoretical courses, seminars, and practical training in key areas of AV, IT, the education market, and system integration. It is designed for both beginners of business in a particular area, and professionals who are willing to improve their skills. Training is conducted in Moscow and regions by experts and certified professionals with extensive experience who have been trained at the facilities of world's leading manufacturers.

In 2015 the Center obtained a state educational charter.

DIGIS Service Center
DIGIS Service Center

Having accumulated extensive experience with cutting-edge and high-tech equipment, technical specialists of our service center help to solve various problems that arise during the installation and operation of the equipment supplied by the Group. Their assistance also includes consultation on connecting and setting up the equipment, remote fault diagnosis and warranty and post-warranty repairs.

The History

The History of DIGIS Group begins in 2002 – the starting point is the foundation of company named Digital Systems which specialized among others on trending projection technologies. The emphasis on the development of a relatively niche, but extremely promising direction allowed the company to quickly become one of the market leaders and gather a team of top-level professionals. And after a while, Digital Systems were able to offer their partners a full spectrum of services for sale, installation and rental of projection, cinema and other audio-video equipment.

The key stages in the development of the company are related to the expansion of the product offer evolution of the internal structure and the creation of additional client services. In 2004, Digital Systems was among the first companies to open demo halls, where every visitor could get to know the most popular models of home theater projectors for free. An active advertising campaign in the AV press, timely rebranding and a significant contribution to the further development of the market allowed the company to open an installation department and form an affiliate network on a federal scale.

Two years later, the department of project distribution “DS Project” was formed – a proprietary center for engineering competencies, that works in the segment of system AV integration. Our experts help our partners to develop and implement large-scale multimedia projects, and many cases made for customers from various economical and public sectors will be later awarded with prestigious international awards. At the same time, Digital Systems is expanding its vendor portfolio and developing a Program that provides effective interaction with partners of any level, regardless of their geographical location and purchase volumes. A little bit later, the logistics company “DS Impex” was formed - the third largest division in our structure.

In the beginning of 2008, Digital Systems made an exclusive distribution agreement with JVC to promote their cinema projectors in the Russian market. According to 2010 results, Digital Systems occupies leading position in the Russian projector market, makes agreements with 3D projection market leaders (Sony and JVC), as well as with American companies such as Vivitek, Christie and AMX. The company's business processes have been improved, and the development of the institute of regional representatives has begun. In 2011, we signed distribution agreement with the leading manufacturer of electronic interactive whiteboards SMART. We also made an in-depth rebranding which resulted in the foundation of the DIGIS Group.

In the following years, DIGIS keeps its leading position in the market of projection equipment, becomes the largest supplier of interactive whiteboards and educational solutions, receives the prestigious Best Specialized Distributor Award from CRN / RE for the first time, launches the self-named screen brand and opens its own Training Center. The integration direction is actively developing: a contract is signed with the SHURE brand, the DS Project company, together with partners, completes a number of significant projects, the first partnership conference devoted to the issues of system AV integration is being held.

In 2015, DIGIS won the CRN / RE Magazine Prize for the second time in a row, and our DIGIS Training Center is licensed to conduct educational activitiesin a state-approved format. A year later, Alef Hi-Fi (one of the oldest Russian distributors of Hi-Fi and High-End equipment) becomes a part of the Group and brings to our portfolio a dozen of brands known worldwide. A significant replenishment also takes place in the integration portfolio, and the projects carried out by our experts win the ProIntegration Awards contest twice in a row.

As for now, DIGIS Group is the official distributor of many worldwide renowned brands: our range includes leading manufacturers of educational solutions, AV equipment and High-End equipment. We regularly make our own partner conferences, participate in international field-oriented exhibitions, organize field workshops and support educational projects of national importance. We offer truly unique award-winning solutions, and the diversity of our range allows us to implement projects of almost any complexity and specificity. Everything else is up ahead!

Office in Moscow

Phone / fax: +7 (495) 787 87 37 multi-line phones

+7 (495) 787 44 88 multi-line phones
Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 09-30 to 18-30
Our address: 115230, Moscow, 1st Nagatinsky fare, 10, Business Center "Newton Plaza", 12th floor
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We are on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/digisgroup
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